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Natalie Alane to Speak at 2018 NORML Conference

This week, Natalie travels down to Key West, Florida to lend her legal expertise as a speaker at the 20th Annual NORML Legal Conference. The three-day conference covers topics surrounding the legalization of marijuana and includes speakers such as Ex… Read More
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Natalie Alane and Eric Lore Attend 17th Annual Family Law Conference

Last month, attorneys Natalie Alane and Eric Lore attended the 17th annual Michigan Family Law Conference in Novi, MI. The conference, which ran from Thursday, November 15th to Friday, November 16th, was a valuable opportunity for Natalie and Eric to… Read More
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Natalie Talks About Collaborative Law in the "Legal News"

Here is a link to a great article on Natalie in which she talks about her collaborative practice, her time in the Peace Corps, and mountain climbing! http://www.legalnews.com/washtenaw/1365528/ Read More
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