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Natalie Alane

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Natalie brings her education, training, experiences, and life lessons to bear in her passionate work as a family law practitioner, mediator, and appellate attorney. Natalie will listen to what you need, want, and expect out of your process and help y… Read More
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Michael F. Cavanagh

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The longest serving appellate jurist in Michigan’s history, retired Justice Michael F. Cavanagh joined us after 32 years of service on the Michigan Supreme Court. Cavanagh received his B.A. from the University of Detroit in 1962, and he obtained hi… Read More
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Eric Lore

Eric Lore chose to focus on family law in order to help guide people through one of the most challenging and difficult periods of their lives. Eric strives to objectively analyze each case, carefully explain the process, and help the client to make i… Read More
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