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Meg Gizzi

Phone: 517-782-2000
Fax: 517-482-2070

Acting as the friendly face at the front desk of Alane Family Law, Meg takes her job seriously—communication, compassion, and top-tier customer service are her priorities. Whether it’s answering a phone or greeting clients as they walk in the door, Meg is always prepped with a smile and a can-do attitude—and even an offer of a nice warm cup of tea!

 When not serving as receptionist extraordinaire, Meg can be found in the ceramic studio of Michigan State University, where she is enrolled in a Post-Baccalaureate program. A true artist at heart, Meg works in a combination of functional and sculptural ceramic work, blending themes of connection and dissolution, always working to undermine viewer’s expectations of what a ceramic object is. She works on a large scale and creates interactive and performative installations designed to engage participants in wholly unexpected ways. Though Meg polishes up nicely for the office, she’s always down to get messy—whether it’s getting covered in clay, sweating in front of a 3000-degree kiln, or just roughing it outdoors. When she needs a break from the studio, Meg can be found on a nice hike (always with a delicious picnic in tow).

Not to let her pottery skills simply stay in the gallery, Meg enjoys whipping up wonderful dishes in the kitchen—after all, crafting beautiful dinnerware calls for equally fine food. Though she loves to remain busy, at the end of the day Meg looks forward to cozying up to her two elderly adopted cats.