Family Law

Welcome. If you are reading this page, you are probably facing a life-altering situation. We get what you are going through. And we’ll walk you through your case every step of the way.

We provide a range of approaches to your family law matter, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. You are not just another case to us. You will find that our team genuinely cares about you and the impact of a legal proceeding on your family.

We understand that family matters are not just legal matters but involve complex emotional, psychological, and financial aspects that influence the whole process. We will ensure that you have any additional supports that are needed to help you and your children move through the process successfully.

Restructuring your family through a divorce or a custody proceeding is a challenging life event, and everyone experiences it in a different way. In our initial meeting with you, we listen. We listen to what is important to you in getting through this process. We listen to your hopes, fears, and expectations. We listen to what you need from an attorney and what you may need from other professionals who can be part of your team if you choose.

The traditional litigation model does not work for every family, so we offer family law services that use alternative methods to resolve disputes. We believe that everyone deserves access to a legal process that will foster psychological and emotional well-being and that will acknowledge and address the strains that relationship difficulties place on adults and children alike.

That is why we have led the way in developing collaborative practice in the Lansing area. Collaborative practice is a team approach to a family matter that helps you and your partner reach your own agreement with the support of a specially trained team formed for your unique needs. This family-centered, non-adversarial process gives your children a voice and honors your family structure. When appropriate for you, we add experts from psychology and financial fields to the team to assist and advise both of you while you negotiate your agreement in a supportive environment. With this completely confidential approach, other than a brief finalization hearing at the end, you’ll never step foot into a courtroom.

We also offer mediation services for any family issue. Many issues can be amicably resolved outside of court with the assistance of a trained neutral mediator, resulting in a more efficient and satisfying settlement agreement. We mediate divorce, parenting issues, blended family issues, separation agreements for same-sex couples, and more.

Sometimes you want to use an alternative process, but your spouse, partner, or former partner does not. If the court is used to decide aspects of your divorce or child-related matter, our legal advocacy is second to none. We are excellent advocates, prepared and persuasive. We’ll stand in the gap for you so you feel educated, supported, and championed from start to finish.

No matter which process is your best fit, our goal is to guide you through your process in a way that can lead to a healthier, happier future for you and your family. Are you ready to talk? Please call. We’ll have you in, listen to you, and find a solution with you that best suits you and your family’s needs.