» Natalie Alane

Dear Natalie, Thank you again for your time and expertise in representing me!! I still remember your calmness when I was losing it. I feel so relieved it is over. The saga is over – on to the next chapter!

Hi Natalie, To the point, I am writing you because I feel so indebted because of your kindness. Only by your efforts was there any glimmer of a chance to see a light of hope as shining in a very dark place. To have been given the privilege to have you as my representative, no more could I have hoped for. I know I can never return as much as you have given. There is a blessing for you, one that is invaluable, it is the sense of well-being.

Hi Natalie – You Rock! Thank you for helping me through all of this. It's so touching that you know and understand me – you've been there with me. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Dear Natalie, I still am so grateful for having met you . . . and having you complete the appeal. I still remember how distraught I was when I met you. Just know . . . you have many gifts. . . intellect, compassion and integrity! You make a difference in so many people's lives.

Hi Natalie, I just wanted to write you and tell you how thankful I am that you handled this divorce case. You made this "ugly" process bearable. I felt I could confide in you with anything and you would not judge. You were and are always very kind and caring. Thank you for that. You are awesome! I do mean that. Again, thank you for everything!

Natalie, I know I'm not supposed to speak for my ex-wife, but I think in this instance I can do so confidently when I say we both appreciate beyond words you for your professionalism, sensitivity, and unfailing fidelity to the mediation process – (My God, that sounded like I was reading the motto off the back of a dollar bill.) – True though it is. Speaking personally (and I actually know that of which I speak in this case) you are a model of true class and professionalism in a discipline that is sorely lacking in both. I have witnessed firsthand some ugly, abusive, and underhanded tactics by attorneys on both sides of a case; behavior far beyond zealous advocacy. So I am being genuine when I say it has been an honor and privilege to be represented by you, not only for the values you exhibit, but for your wise counsel, and for the genuine humanity you extended to us. "Thank you" just really doesn't seem to be enough.

Dear Natalie, I know that I pay you for your services but I just want to say "Thank You" because you provide way more than a service. You provide hope, sincerity and a sense of security. Thanks again Natalie.

Thank you so much for your graceful wording and unique talents! I know it helped us in the courtroom today. I believe what your practice specializes in is exceptional and it’s been apparent throughout my meetings with you. I know you were the perfect counselor for us to help us through this difficult decision. I would love the opportunity to see you in “action” and wouldn’t want to be on the opposing table. Just wanted to share. Have a good weekend! Thank you-again- You Rock!

Hi Natalie! I just opened the settlement papers and want to thank you for all of your hard work and encouragement. Although no one ever wants to have to go through this, I am so grateful that I had you. I will recommend you to anyone who ever needs your services and would definitely retain you again if needed! (Let’s hope not....) Thank you again, so much....you were fantastic!!

Hi Natalie, Just wanted to say thanks again :) You are amazing. I really didn’t care as much about the money as I did about the child custody portion . . . however it feels pretty nice to win . . . and double what I originally was thinking . . . even nicer. Thanks again.