Hi Natalie, I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for us in these past 9 1/2 months. The life that I had had for the past 15 years disappeared right in front of my eyes and I knew that you would and could help us put together a new life over time. I felt like I was in the midst of a tornado, and couldn't make heads or tails of anything. I learned a few things through this hell: I am stronger than what I thought, in time I will be able to trust again, that the most important thing in the world is my family and things happen for a reason . . . sometimes the reason isn't clear or apparent and maybe it will never be. I felt as though I was robbed of the life I signed up for with no explanations, but thanks to you, you helped me in so many ways to believe it was going to be okay, to not settle and to breathe. I have a new normal with now a great beginning . . . thanks to you. Again . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart.