Natalie, I know I'm not supposed to speak for my ex-wife, but I think in this instance I can do so confidently when I say we both appreciate beyond words you for your professionalism, sensitivity, and unfailing fidelity to the mediation process – (My God, that sounded like I was reading the motto off the back of a dollar bill.) – True though it is. Speaking personally (and I actually know that of which I speak in this case) you are a model of true class and professionalism in a discipline that is sorely lacking in both. I have witnessed firsthand some ugly, abusive, and underhanded tactics by attorneys on both sides of a case; behavior far beyond zealous advocacy. So I am being genuine when I say it has been an honor and privilege to be represented by you, not only for the values you exhibit, but for your wise counsel, and for the genuine humanity you extended to us. "Thank you" just really doesn't seem to be enough.